3 Ways to combat winter dryness

It happens every year; the seasons change, the sun goes into hiding, and our hair starts to feel a bit drier than usual. Well don’t fret, sis, because we have three ways you can avoid the winter getting the best of your tresses. 

Indulge in some masque madness

Winter is a great time to up the ante on your deep conditioning game. Whether that means doing it more frequently, for longer, or adding a plastic cap or steamer to the equation. Shop our winter masque collection here.


Protective styling

Keeping your strands away in a protective style such as wigs, weaves or braids is a great way to prevent excess breakage. However, having a protective style doesn’t excuse you from continuing to add moisture to your hair regularly. Find out how you can do so here.


Choose the right fabrics

We all know that [silk] is one of the best fabrics to put near our hair, due to its natural slip and the way it regulates moisture across your mane. So it only follows that cotton and wool are some of the worst, as they snag, tangle and dry out your hair. While we’re not saying to go out without a scarf around your neck, we are saying to be extra cautious of the ones you do use, to avoid unnecessary breakage at the nape. If you can’t avoid these fabrics, try to counteract their properties by using a moisturising styler as needed.